I have been creating media professionally since 2014. I got my start at the Hastings Tribune as a PT photojournalist while attaining my associate’s degree. Since then, I’ve worked with TV show Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel, Rock Hall of Fame Vocalist Ann Wilson of Heart, and freelancing my photo/video services across America. I have completed over 5 feature-length documentaries, a feature-length sci-fi film, and other productions that collectively have over hundreds of thousands of views online.

Photographer. Filmmaker. Writer. Philosopher. Adventurer. Herbalist.
A list of ego-attachments to claim an identity.

Aside from my professional accomplishments, I enjoy the outdoors and I enjoy traveling. I’ve road tripped coast to coast across America , hiked in both Appalachian and Rocky Mountains, and cliff jumped off a waterfall within the deep canyons of Havasu Arizona. When I’m not adventuring, I like to spend my time expanding my knowledge on botany and permaculture/sustainable gardening, natural medicines/herbalism, consciousness research, and technology/science advancements.

This lifestyle and occupation come with many sacrifices I’ve had to make along the way, but the places I’ve been and the experiences I’ve shared have made the juice well worth the squeeze. I’m not typically a traditional person. I don’t always live by my cultural norms or expectations. My outlook on life is that it’s an experiment, and I’ve enjoyed experimenting with many lifestyles, occupations, and people from all walks of life to get a taste from the multiple realities happening simultaneously. My favorite part about being a photographer and filmmaker is the freedom it provides me to be an observer of my world while choosing which aspects of it to become an active participant.

I thank you and welcome you to my website, which will be the hub of my life, the aspects I’m willing to share both professionally and personally. Whether you’re here seeking a service or following some of my adventures, stories, and artwork, I appreciate your support and hope that my skills and experiences can provide all of you with some benefit.